My Projects.
My principles are set in stone: Quality. Honesty. Competence. This mix is supposed to give you the certainty to work with a good partner. Frequent communication, fair pricing and technical support even long after order completion are my characteristics.

Still unsure? Then take a look at a few of my projects.
Type: Videogame
Year: 2015
Download: Windows | Mac OSX
MiUWeI is a videogame-prototype about two characters heading for the northern lights. The used engine is Unity3D. Available for free for Windows and Mac OSX.
Petman BARF
Type: Website, Motion Graphics
Year: 2014-2015
The Petman BARF-Calculator is the fastest and easiest way to calculate your dog's daily food ration for BARFing. This is the most easy to use website in the world.
Canalyst: Forgotten Paths
Type: Videogame
Year: 2012-2014
The second part of the unreleased series. The story is about the re-establishment of peace in the underground of Moscow. A mercenary has to go into the heart of the radioactive underground. The used engine is FPS Creator.
Type: Short film
Year: 2014
A short film about the witch-hunt, only today. Two evil witches steal an expensive painting from a rich business man and kill his daughter. He wants revenge. The langugae is German.
Nan-King Restaurant
Type: Website
Year: 2011-2012
Nan-King is a chinese restaurant in Wuppertal, Germany. The website shows opening times, approach and the rich menu.
Canalyst: Passing Lights
Type: Videogame
Year: 2009-2012
Canalyst: Passing Lights is about Sergey in the underground of Moscow in the year of 2034. In an atomic war the world is completely destroyed and radioactive. By any means Sergey wants to get to the surface. The used engine is FPS Creator.
Type: Corporate Identity
Year: 2009-2014
Sector49 is the name of the team behind the Canalyst series. Over the years I have given the team a recognizable and consistent appearance.
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